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You bring your intention,  We bring the magic. 


Jamie is known as renowned serial entrepreneur, predictive astrologist, awakening coach and spiritual intuitive; for nearly 30 years she has helped thousands of people on their journey to abundance, self-discovery and soul fulfillment and purpose. 


Somewhat, between a manifesting genius and analytics junkie; she has been called a power house and visionary by many, able to tune in and express messages from the Divine to help guide through challenges and lead to unlimited success.


By infusing ancient wisdom and modern mysticism with practical tools for empowerment, Her truly unique approach rooted in astrology, human design and the ancient mystery school traditions and channels from a quantum and cosmic perspective.  

Graduating high school as a National Merit Honor Scholar at the young age of 15, quickly educated, she earned her MBA at 21, and Ph.D. in Computer Science at 25.   In 2011, she earned her second Ph.D in Metaphysics and Transpersonal Counseling.  

Truly merging the belief that people matter as much as technology. 

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