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Beth Gregg, Co Founder at ShopperBridge

"Jamie is a force of nature. She is a dynamic, powerful sales person and customer advocate. She's as terrific at generating revenue and new customers as she is at making customers' successful and happy working with the company she represents. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun working with Jamie." 

Mathew Thompson, Marketing Director Sitrion

"Among the myriad aspects that make Jamie an asset, there is one that really makes her stand out: programmatic expertise. Combine that with unsurpassed enthusiasm for customer service, biddable media strategy and technology innovation, then you have a media whiz. If you are after the next senior leader for your team, look no further." 

Jillian Zech, Media Director & Starcom Mediavest

"Jamie's extensive knowledge of the DataXu platform and big data has helped propel our client performance through the roof. Jamie is quick to respond to any requests and questions, is very personable and client facing. I never hesitate to bring Jamie into a client meeting to help them further understand what we have recommended and where that can take their account in the future. She's a partner I look forward to working with whoever her career takes her.."

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